Is Cordarrelle Patterson Minnesota Trade Bait?

Minnesota is still waiting for Cordarrelle Patterson to come around

Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer insists that Cordarrelle Patterson is “doing a good job in this offseason”, but many are starting to wonder if his optimism is genuine? Patterson has been knocked for trying to succeed as a wideout with athleticism alone, and failing to run routes efficiently, so Zimmer’s optimism could easily be a shout out to potential trading partners.

Patterson appeared to be loaded with potential coming out of Tennessee before the 2013 season, standing at 6’2” with a pair of very quick feet. However, his on-field performance has left the coaching staff and fantasy owners flat during his first two seasons. The reality is that the Vikings may be engaging in some gamesmanship to make Patterson look like a player who has finally come into his own.

It’s no secret that Vikings RB Adrian Peterson wants out of Minnesota, but unfortunately they haven’t found a team willing to meet their trade demands, and insist he will remain with the team through this season. However, hyping up Cordarrelle Patterson makes the situation much more interesting.

With the Vikings looking to secure a couple first round draft picks in return for AP, the team may be overplaying Cordarrelle Patterson’s offseason success to make him more attractive for a potential trade offer.

Patterson actually regressed during his second NFL season, catching only 33 passes thrown his way for 384 yards and one touchdown, down in both categories from 2013. With the acquisition of Mike Wallace, and contributions from Jarius Wright and Charles Johnson, Patterson’s role with the Vikings has become a significant question mark.


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