John Oliver Takes a Stab at Net Neutrality

The FCC’s net neutrality proposal, and conversations concerning the proposal led to John Oliver speaking out about how boring the discussions are. However, the issue itself is of optimal importance and needs to be addressed.

“All data has to be treated equally, no matter who created it”, said Oliver of the proposal. It’s this treatment that could help startups surpass established businesses. He referenced Facebook and how they surpassed MySpace with this. Oliver argues that the current system is not terribly flawed, and that this potential change could be harmful to internet users.

The imposed plan could allow bigger businesses to pay for faster streaming for their consumers. This would make it much more difficult for startups to compete, so they would most likely be unable to afford such initial costs.

John Oliver uses his comedic nature and wit to demean those who try and diminish the effect of having fast and slow internet speed lanes, and his approach has him very well received publicly through social media outlets like YouTube.


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