Russell Brand Puts Stardom to Good Use

Actor Russell Brand is speaking out against what he sees wrong with politics. BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman conducted the interview, and Brand was very witty and comical with his stances. He spoke up about economic disparities, voting, and just politics in general. I specifically liked the way he blatantly called out political magazines.

Paxman asked Brand, “Who are you to edit a political magazine?” Brand responded by blatantly calling out political magazines for their lack of sufficient editing. He backed up his claim by stating that he does not and has not ever voted in elections. Russell Brand said that he is still qualified, and can look for ideas in alternative areas. He supports the ideas of refusing to ignore the needs of the people, tending to economic differences in their society, and trying to not destroy the planet.

I like Brand’s approach, and I can only hope that other celebrities use their following to speak out against injustices, and help make a difference.


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