Artist Suggy1 and Pale Blue Dot Member Work on Collaboration “Tundra”

Local band Pale Blue Dot member Josh Rollin and artist Suggy1 have come together to create “Tundra”, their first collaboration. Josh Rollin produced the beat, and Suggy1 added lyrics and the melody to go over the beat.

Josh Rollin went to Suggy1 upon creating the beat, as he figured that would be the perfect match. “When I started making beats…I figured he would be the perfect person to ask. I knew he had been trying to jumpstart his rap career, and improve his game with that.”

The two artists have been working on the track for a while, as they have been focusing on getting the right feel. “It never really got fleshed out and developed as much as we wanted it to”, said Suggy1. He came to the recording booth Wednesday night with a new verse prepared to add to the piece. With the new verse now recorded, and with the structure of the song finalized, the two are working on the little things. They expect the song to be fully edited and released sometime in the next week and a half or so, but the deadline is flexible, as it is “a little ambitious, because it needs a lot of work” according to Josh Rollin.

Suggy1 spoke of what the song meant to him, bringing a lot more substance to the piece. “Tundra to me is searching a long time for something you can’t really find.” It got much clearer, as he went into detail and got more personal with his explanation of the meaning.

“At first I talk about my struggle with finding friends, which seems surprising because I seem outgoing and easy to talk to, but on the inside it’s different. Verse two is aimed more towards a significant other with where I’m trying to put something back together, and find something that I did wrong, but not being able to and having to live with it.”

Chris Chi’s stage name (Suggy1) has an interesting story, as it derives from his Korean middle name. He altered it slightly to make it more ‘American’ as he puts it. Chi’s friends in high school also referred to him as Suggy1, and that developed into a common nickname for him.

Rollin expects their work to be pretty well-received, as the song lends itself to being stuck in the heads of its listeners. “It’s a really catchy beat, and a catchy melody and it’s got a lot of substance to it underneath everything”, according to Rollin.

Though this was their first time working together, they plan on doing this again in the future. Rollin praised Suggy1 for his talent as an artist, saying that “he’s the best rapper in the Ithaca area.” He went on to say that he “plan(s) on working with Chris as much as possible.”


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