William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection: Keys to Successful Blogging

Legal Insurrection started as a self-run blog with just one writer on staff, but it has now evolved to a website that reaches an average of 31,000 viewers per day. Through his presentation pertaining to the timeline of his site’s progression, many tips and tricks to growing an audience were stressed upon.

First and foremost, it’s of optimal importance to be consistent. A blog/news site must post on a daily and consistent basis in order to solidify a loyal fan base. If someone’s blog fails to keep readers informed on a daily basis, those readers can easily look elsewhere to find what they are looking for.

Next, Jacobson spoke of reaching out to other sites that shared common interests in conservative coverage. The opportunity to be promoted by other sites is very beneficial to readership, as viewers can be picked up by learning about your site in other places online. Cross-promotion is probably the greatest way to increase a site’s outreach, and it solely relies on one’s ability to establish connections and network efficiently.

The last major point that came across about being successful in blogging is about how to please an audience while still maintaining your viewpoints and ideologies. Ideally, you should be able to speak freely and promote the stories you wish to cover, but sometimes you have to make a little bit of a sacrifice in order to keep viewers engaged. Since online readers mostly read up on stories to reinforce their beliefs, sites should try and meet them halfway in slightly compromising   the staff’s own ideas to keep readers happy.


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