“Big Election Winner: Indy Media”

This article looked at Obama’s winning of the presidential election in 2008, and attributed some of his success to the power of the internet. Many of Obama’s voters were from the younger generation, which is most certainly at least partially due to the excessive amount of effort put into an online campaign platform.

Though he came out the victor, there were some pieces released that could have hindered his success as well. For example, HuffingtonPost decided to post about Obama, though they were on his side for the election, that left voters with sour feelings toward one of his stances. A quote about Mid-Westerners was taken out of context, and sparked “Bittergate”, as he called them out for sticking to guns, religion, and a fear of people different from them (such as immigrants). HuffingtonPost could have stood in the way of Barack Obama taking office because of the public’s negative feedback to the article, but they saw it as their duty as journalists to publish the information.

This entire article just reinforces the idea that the internet is powerful beyond measure. The reach of online posts goes so much further than print can, because of how quickly they travel, and how they can bypass geographical barriers. In reference to politics, the internet is of optimal importance, especially to liberals, as conservatives still dominate both television and radio. The liberal candidates and their followers use blogging, and social media to shoot down false and fabricated statements made by conservative politicians, providing necessary feedback in order to instill a sense of checks and balances.


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