“After Blogs Got Hits, CBS Got a Black Eye”

Essentially, people are uncomfortable with being scrutinized for mistakes, especially at the hands of bloggers. Their job is to act as a force of checking and balancing the government, as their job description is stressed upon and deemed legal by the freedom of speech clause in the first amendment to the Constitution. In this specific case, bloggers exposed how “60 Minutes” used false documents in its report on President Bush’s Air National Guard service.

CBS executive Jonathan Klein expressed issues with bloggers and their corrective actions, as he basically challenged their ability to do so properly as they should not be counted on to do their jobs sufficiently. What he does not understand is why bloggers are in this field, which is simple. They are truly passionate about the stories they are creating, and genuinely look out for the general public. He tried to demean what bloggers do, speaking of how they could be sitting in their basements, writing in their pajamas. He challenged the legitimacy of what these people do, but he is incorrect in his judgments. What sets bloggers apart from those who write for larger corporations in the mainstream media, is that they have nobody to answer to, and can therefore act freely in speaking their minds without getting fired for doing so.


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